Friday, November 30, 2007


We're negotiating to buy an apartment that doesn't have a dining room. Or any real space for a dining table. So I have been trolling the web looking for some kind of slim drop leaf table.

Thanks to my daily OCD habit of checking the Company Store's sale of the day and then sometimes browsing the rest of the offerings, I found the perfect solution.

It's this three-in-one table that can be a console table, a small dining table, or a large dining table. If I hadn't promised up and down to myself that I wouldn't buy furniture until the contract is signed, this puppy would already be sitting in our apartment in a box.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Great Sales

Tons of designer duds on sale at Net-A-Porter.

20% off everything today at Couture Candy.

An extra 20% off coupon for Macy's.

$25 off a $100 purchase with coupon code WMPRT7 at REI.

Where will I put last year's tax forms???

We are negotiating to buy a condo in Williamsburg. The contract is out but nothing has been signed. Seems like a good time to . . .

(a) take care of chores that have been piling up on my "to do" list
(b) use this downtime before I have to pack to buy Hannukah and Christmas presents
(c) choose paint and furniture for an apartment we don't yet own

If you chose (c) you're right!

I want this coffee table/trunk. And it's on sale! It could be gone by the time we're ready for it. So it makes perfect sense for me to spend $450 (yes, almost 1/2 of $1000) for a piece of furniture that you put your feet on.

Yes, I have a problem!

Wow - It's almost December.

I have been super busy and time has gotten away from me. My one reader can now expect more regular posting.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Purse, Pocketbook, Handbag . . .

. . . whatever you call it, I have too many. I would love to have one of those huge dressing rooms with perfectly sized cubbies for each one of my bags. Unfortunately, unless we convert our bedroom to a dressing room, that's not happening.

In the meantime, I bought this and attached it to the inside of our front door. It is amazing. Now I can see my bags, take them down, and put them back--all without a the help of stepstool and without giving up our bedroom.

Good stuff.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So Much To Do!

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been super busy lately, which has prompted me to look for better ways to keep track of everything on my many plates.

I discovered TaDa List and it's AWESOME. It is different enough from the To Do list feature on my Outlook that I can really use and find it super helpful. I have made different lists - general and specific ones for cases I'm working on - and I reorder them at the beginning of the day. I can access TaDa on my Blackberry, too.

Now I just need to find a web-based application that makes the day longer...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Want This

It's not easy for us to charge things now that we have kittens who like to chew on cords. We charge a cell phone and have to stay nearby. Then we have to wrap up the cords and put them out of chewing range. Which means, of course, that we can't find them again when we need to charge something.

This table would be perfect.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Patience? Not so much.

I want my _______ (depending on the day, insert: ice cream, juice, dvds, Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes, pet food, dream job, vacation -- wait, ignore those last two), and I want it at my front door in 20 minutes.

Luckily, since I live in Manhattan, this can actually happen.

When I need basic groceries, dvds, or Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes, I go with MaxDelivery.

When I need pet food or litter or toys for our kitties, I got with PetNetDirect.

They are perfect for anything you can't get from or SeamlessWeb.

Between these four services, pretty much everything is covered for a rainy or snowy day, or when you just don't. want. to. go. outside.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bulbs for Spring

I am buying a bunch of bulbs to plant for the spring. They are shipped at the right time for your climate zone (in October for NYC), and they bloom next spring and summer. You can force bulbs inside (like you've seen done with Hyacinth and Amaryllis a lot around Christmas). Check out my choices.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's Cooking

I've been dying for red meat lately, and there's a tiny fall-like chill in the air. So I'm making this tonight.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Big New Family

We love our new kiddies. I mean kitties.

Addictive Fruit Pops

OMG - these are SO good! I've been eating the strawberry ones for a while now but I think I might try some other flavors. Don't bother with any other brands... none of them are good except for Edy's.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sale Alert!

Check out this big sale from Bliss.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Of course Paula Deen is involved...

Krispy Kreme and Taste of the South magazine are sponsoring a recipe contest for desserts using Krispy Kreme donuts as the primary ingredient. Paula Deen made Bill Nicholson's Krispy Kreme bread pudding, so that idea is out. I have an idea but I'm not sure my behind can stand the testing that would be involved to get it right.

Any volunteers?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things That Are Soft

I sleep on my side. I put one of these puppies under my head and wrap an arm around another (thankfully Deuce doesn't like down pillows) and it feels like going to sleep in a cloud. Yum.

I'm not that picky about socks, but these feel sooooo good.

I am on my second pair of these. They are my go-to pants for bed, lounging around the apartment, and occasionally for after a yoga class or swimming (worn with flip flops, not sneakers). They are so soft and stretchy.

I got a free sample of this in a Lancome gift with purchase. It is super soft and has really made my skin look better since I've been using it. It might be too heavy for the summer, but now that the season is changing it is perfect.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Let the people speak!

I can't figure out how to have a Q&A type of section on the blog, as requested by my loyal readers (ahem, Kate). Instead, I will moderate comments which means that they'll all get emailed to me before posting. So if you have a question, please post it as a comment to any post and I will answer it post haste!

All Tangled Up No More...

I love Built NY. Maybe it's because using their products mean using neoprene every day. I just saw this charger organizer this weekend and I love it. With 6 compartments you can keep your cell, blackberry, camera, iPod, and other chargers packed up neatly in one place when you travel. Plus, it's so cute!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Terrific Housekeeper Gone Bye-Bye

I don't blame her. Undoubtedly, we drove her away with our steep stairs and post-hurricane-like spread of clothes and bags and magazines. Every week she came and restored order for us. Friday nights have become a special gift to myself, where I get to walk into this orderly neat home and feel like my life is just as put together as our apartment. At least for a few hours.

Now it's just me and Ross left to clean up after ourselves. I imagine that if we even really try, it won't go well.

So I am on the hunt now for some cleaning schedules that make sense when the two people who live together work 60+ hours per week and go to the gym and play in fantasy sports leagues (well, when one of them does), and get massages and basically have lots of other things to do than pick up after their spouse who doesn't care if clothes and magazines and shoes are everywhere. Wait, did I say that?

Real Simple magazine has a great schedule for each room with things to do every day, week, and season. Will I do it? Not sure. Can we divide these tasks between us? Probably not. But it's a good start.

Martha has this list of 6 things to do every day. If I add a seventh, fold clothes and put away shoes (which could fall in the clutter category but is really a whole other project in my mind), then our place would look terrific all the time.

The hard question is where is the solution or to-do list that will make me feel like actually doing this stuff every day? When given the choice between chores and something fun, I will choose fun every time. But I guess when Lily's magic touch was always just a few days away I could make that choice. Now it's just us and our mess.

Until we find a new cleaning woman....

Friday, August 31, 2007

Beef, Fish, Vegetarian?

I love these stamps from Paper Source. They would be perfect for a homemade RSVP card for a party where guests have a menu choice and you need to know that choice in advance.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Fad I Hope Will Never Die

I will eternally be grateful to Sex and the City for shining the spotlight on Magnolia Bakery and cupcakes as decadent dessert. The attention paid to cupcakes in the past 5 years has spawned so many specialty cupcake bakeries that a cupcake lover now has her pick and can choose a richer or lighter buttercream, a lemony or more vanilla-y cake, classic or exotic flavors.

This is a great list
of the best cupcake bakeries in the city. My personal favorite is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Today I will enjoy some of the 36 cupcakes sent over for my birthday. Yum.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Wedding Mishap

Mackenzie at Something Old, Something New asked readers to share stories about things that went wrong on their wedding day that left them with good memories. So, here's mine.

Our ceremony was held in the sculpture garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Our guests sat on the covered terrace of Gertrude's facing out into the garden where our huppah was placed. We and our wedding party entered the garden from the back gate. The ceremony was perfectly imperfect. It wasn't exactly how I imagined it but it was better.

Our rabbi was funny when the wind blew the ketubah over, Ross made a joke about the ring not fitting on my finger, my mom made a joke about how you could tell that two lawyers had written the vows (" all conditions, under every circumstance..."), and Ross' personal words were more meaningful and loving than I could have made them if I had written them myself.

After the ceremony--and here is where the really happy accident took place--Ross and I began the recessional, hands held, toward the gate in the back of the garden. As we drew closer we saw that it had been chained and padlocked shut. With our parents and bridal party approaching behind us we turned to the right and walked behind a large sculptural wall so that the guests would not see us huddled in the garden and so we wouldn't have to casually walk through the chaos as they all hustled to the bar for the beginning of the cocktail hour. Our wedding coordinator, walkie-talkie in hand, told us that security would be right there to unlock the gate. In the meantime we tried to keep our family and friends hidden behind the wall even though they too were anxious to head to the party.

I loved being locked in the garden for those few minutes, waiting with everyone for the gate to be opened. We were all there, stopped from moving on to the reception, frozen in the ceremony of the day. I could have been held captive in that garden behind the wall forever.

By the time the security guard came to take care of the gate, Ross and I were locked in our our private conversation. Even after our friends and family walked up to the reception, we stayed in the garden behind that wall absorbing what we had just done and privately sealing the words we had just shared so publicly. That is one of my most loved memories from our wedding, and it happened by accident.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Play With What???

This Clorox commercial is disturbing.

It sounds like this kid is saying "I play with my poops in the toilet," and the answer apparently is a Clorox disinfecting product.

No. The answer is kiddie therapy.

Like Every Day of My Life

pic courtesy of

Perfection in a Dress

I have to get to Saks to try this on as soon as possible. It's like my personality summed up in a dress. And unlike the other adorable mini dresses, it looks like this one won't actually put me at risk of showing my ass to the world. Awesome!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Best Pain-Reliever in a Bottle

Massage therapists and physical therapists I have seen for my back issues all use Biofreeze and I love it. It smells like menthol but the smell goes away really quickly. And it does such a great job of easing my many pains.

Would You Wear a Headie Hoodie?

Like a lot of exciting finds, these hoodies are cool and kind of disturbing at the same time.

Camera Lust

I really want a digital SLR and a macro lens. I love our Canon Elph but I want to get those super-detailed up-close shots that really show the beauty and texture of things. Just look at this detail!

And if I got a new camera, of course my life would change and instead of watching Scrubs reruns I have already seen twice I would be taking my new camera and exploring the city, going to museums, and sitting in cafes reading Kafka.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Country Without Melons?

Deuce and I had lunch at The Red Flame today, which is kind of close to Times Square, so it ends up attracting a fair number of tourists. On our way out we saw a family of 5 (teenagers and adults), and each of them had ordered a large plate of cut up cantaloupe. Yes, there were 5 people at a table, each eating his/her own plate of cantaloupe.

Are there countries that don't have cantaloupe?

Spectacular Spa Bargains

I frequently visit Spa Addicts' Red Hot Specials page for NYC to find deals at great spas.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Greatest Night Cream for the Face

I have tried really expensive brands but haven't noticed any real improvement in my skin. And then I realized that the retinol in anti-aging products not only gets rid of wrinkles, it also helps turn over skin cells to produce fresher-looking skin without as many breakouts. Think about it - dermatologists prescribe Retin-A for acne, not wrinkles.

I have been pretty dedicated to this product for a while now--especially after each misguided attempt to upgrade to an expensive product. There is no substitute - Roc Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is the best!

Good Sales and Sales of the Day

I have a couple sale-of-the-day sites for online stores bookmarked on my computer. The offerings vary in quality, bargain, and excitement, but I have found some great finds here in the past.

Garnet Hill .................... The Company Store

Paragon or North Face or Patagonia used to have one but not anymore.

There are also a few stores that regularly update their sale selections and have lots of good deals and fun items.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I haven't yet used our new blender for anything other than healthy smoothies.

This recipe for a Milky Way milkshake may change that very soon.

The. Best. Candy. Ever.

When you're working late or at the movies, normal candy is fine. Starburst, M&Ms, Hershey's Miniatures--they all get the job done. But I never really get excited about any of those candies.

My favorites, though, make me ride the subway up to Dylan's Candy Bar, stalk the candy aisle in CVS and Duane Reade when Easter is approaching, and bring them back from England to stockpile for days when I need a boost.

Crunchie................... Skittles bubble gum