Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where will I put last year's tax forms???

We are negotiating to buy a condo in Williamsburg. The contract is out but nothing has been signed. Seems like a good time to . . .

(a) take care of chores that have been piling up on my "to do" list
(b) use this downtime before I have to pack to buy Hannukah and Christmas presents
(c) choose paint and furniture for an apartment we don't yet own

If you chose (c) you're right!

I want this coffee table/trunk. And it's on sale! It could be gone by the time we're ready for it. So it makes perfect sense for me to spend $450 (yes, almost 1/2 of $1000) for a piece of furniture that you put your feet on.

Yes, I have a problem!

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