Monday, August 13, 2007

The Opposite of Terrific

Last weekend I took a ride on the famous Coney Island Cyclone.

It felt like a 2-minute-long violent car accident. I am not exaggerating--it goes 60 miles per hour!!! I couldn't stop screaming because after we went over that first hill I thought I was going to die and that Ross was going to die too and it would be my fault for talking him into going on the ride. This should be run continuously for spies who are being cajoled/tortured into confessing their crimes.

I cannot believe that anyone voluntarily takes a second ride on that thing. If you have a friend who has been on the Cyclone more than once, you may need to stage an intervention because only a serious drug problem or mental illness could lead to such a stupid choice.

You can ride along with a lunatic in the first car of the Cyclone here. (By the way, they tell you to put away hats and eyeglasses because people lose them on the ride, and this guy took a camcorder with him.)

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